Longevity Resources and Tips from Around the Web

These 6 resources explore longevity and aging:

1. Is yoga good for the brain? This piece in The New York Times discusses findings from a recent study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that looks at what yoga does to the brain and how it can improve our ability to think.


2. Laird Hamilton, surfing icon, presents his 10-point plan for longevity which includes taking care of your feet and working out in water with weights.  (I've been experimenting with this workout and it is incredible.) This piece is very personal and inspiring. Highly recommend.


3. Will Kundalini transform your skin? Yoga teacher and Brooklyn healer Desiree Pais talks about skin care from the inside out and how you often can’t tell the age of people who do Kundalini. Lots of food for thought here.


4. Business Insider examines the 5 personality traits linked to a long life. Who knew conscientiousness was one?


5. You can grow brain cells. It’s called neurogenesis. In this Ted Talk, neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret offers insights and practical advice on how to kick start neurogenesis and help prevent age-related decline.


6. Ben Greenfield shares the lessons he’s learned from the fittest old people. He looks at weight training, Laird Hamilton’s pool workout, the power of sprinting and more. There are also many links to studies and other pieces Ben Greenfield has written. It’s an incredible resource.