Alitura Clay Mask: Get Pretty With It

Sometimes the story behind a product is so compelling, shocking, and inspiring, it makes you say “Oh my god, I need to check this out.” This happened to me when I heard the story of Andy Hnilo and the creation of Alitura Clay Mask.

A few years ago, Andy Hnilo, a model and actor, was struck by two SUVs while crossing a street in Los Angeles. He suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a broken jaw. The accident resulted in facial injuries so damaging that his career as a model was in jeopardy. Instead of giving up, Andy turned to nutrition and started researching ways to heal his face naturally. He began experimenting with different types of clay and using them to create face masks. Whatever he did worked. His scars faded fast and within three months, Andy was back on the runway.

This got my attention. What could possibly be in those masks to result in such rapid healing?

Alitura Clay Mask is an all-natural, completely organic product sourced from four different kinds of clay. I’m not a huge cosmetics shopper, but I love this mask. It feels great on your skin—tingly and sparkling. Post-mask, my skin looked softer and more vibrant. That’s good news for those of us on the north side of 40.

My favorite part about Alitura Clay Mask? I love buying from a real person with a real story versus buying unknown ingredients from a large cosmetic company that markets at me without actually connecting to me. I recently had the opportunity to talk on the phone with Andy and he told me his mom was helping him pack and ship his merchandise and that he was getting his baseball player friends to use the mask. Details like this make me love his company all the more.  Alitura: a great story behind a terrific product.

If you’d like to learn more about Andy, check out his interviews at Bulletproof. To purchase the Alitura Clay Mask, click on Amazon.  It will take you right to Andy's products.