Welcome to Earthcake.

My name is Deidre Sullivan and I started Earthcake as a way to share my thoughts and experiences from the trenches of health, wellness, biohacking, fitness and other intersecting disciplines. For the past several years, I’ve been experimenting with different products, diets, exercise protocols and biohacks---getting to know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve also been reading books, studying scientific reports, and interviewing athletes--all in a quest to make sense of various schools of thought about healthy living.

I’m not a fitness trainer, chef or scientist, but I am a deeply curious consumer and creative professional who knows how to ask the right questions and sort through all sorts of information.  As I’ve embarked on this quest to get educated about health, I’ve been finding wisdom in all sorts of places: from the bro-est of podcasts to the oldest of prayer books. Like so many others, I’m looking for the right path(s), a way of living that is healthy, sustainable, high performance-focused, and grounded in common sense. I’m also lucky that the work I do--helping brands and media companies with content--often takes me into the health and wellness space. That has been a wonderful gift.  It keeps me in a state of learning, a place I love to be.

I’m so excited to launch this site. In the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing different products and practices. I’ll also be sharing food, fitness, and biohacking resources---as well as writing about my own experiences experimenting with what’s out there.

Thank you for checking out Earthcake. I appreciate you taking the time.